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I’m Will Wheeler and I want your support as I continue to serve District 50 in The South Carolina House of Representatives.

I’ve lived all my life in Lee County. I practice law with Jennings & Jennings, P.A. in Bishopville. In my practice, I’ve been an advocate for everyday people facing a large spectrum of issues. From representing clients drafting simple wills to litigating cases for people injured by large corporations, I’ve always been happy to be working for my clients in this community.

I know that when we come together as a community, we can accomplish great things. I also want to continue serving you as a voice for education funding, for economic prosperity, and for jobs. I ask for your vote, your support, and most importantly, your prayers for all the people of this wonderful district and state.

I love my family and I love my home. We’re a rural community. We do face challenges. It’s important that we have good representation, and I’m committed to doing everything in my power to serve and improve this home that I love. I thank you for your support, and ask you for your vote on November 9 so that I may continue to serve SC House District 50 in the South Carolina House of Representatives.

To donate online, please click the red button above (Paypal).
To donate by phone, please call 803.484.5454

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    1 Courthouse Square, Bishopville, SC 29010, USA
    fax: 803.484.6044

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